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George Daaboul

George Daaboul has been working on the development of biosensors at Boston University since he was an undergraduate studying biomedical engineering. Dr. Daaboul’s senior project team won the most outstanding biomedical engineering senior design project. The project was to reduce the cost and increase the robustness of the IRIS sensing platform to allow point of need applications. Dr. Daaboul also co-invented the new modality of IRIS that allows single virus and single molecule detection, the technology that was investigated in the NSF I-CORPS program. Dr. Daaboul was the entrepreneurial lead in the NSF I-corps program. As a PhD student George continually improved the novel single particle detection modality of IRIS. For the development of the SP-IRIS, Dr. Daaboul won first prize in the CIMIT nationwide prize for primary healthcare. Dr. Daaboul has published over 10 peer reviewed articles on development of the IRIS platform and assays for detection of infectious diseases.

During Dr. Daaboul’s graduate studies, he worked closely on system integration with Dr. Freedman. Dr. Daaboul and Dr. Freedman complimented each other skills when they formed a multidisciplinary team for the development of the IRIS platform. During the past year Dr. Daaboul has been working with Dr. Freedman to evolve the IRIS technology, which was developed in the lab, to a commercial product that will address a need with a sustainable market. Dr. Daaboul and Dr. Freedman have competed in business competitions and met with number of potential customers and experts in the field. Dr. Daaboul has been attending conferences and speaking with key scientists to better understand the need in the field of infectious disease diagnostics and the shortcomings of current technologies.


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